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Hi Chewers!

Bring harmony to your table by using the power of food and following the blood type diet®. 
Hoping you find insight and inspiration on here. Together, let's heal with nutrition.

Chew, Choose, Cherish!
xoxo Lea

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Everything you need to know
about seasonal produce, spices and herbs
and their healing powers. 
Let us heal with nutrition.

My lifestyle on the blood type diet

On the blood type diet,
the better you perform,
the better you perform.
Different people, different ways.
Different blood types, different foods.

The Blood Type Diet® distinguishes 3 categories of foods:
Beneficial, acting like medicine.
Neutral, simply nutritious.
Avoid, that can harm your metabolism on the long term.
Each food category varies according to each blood type, and if the blood type is a secretor or not (Click on your type to find out more).

Blood types


A glimpse at the travels that inspire me, in life and in the kitchen!

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