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Your body is a fine piece of machinery. And when it expresses itself, it may not always please you. Burp.

Gourmet, gourmand and glutton at times, I’m a passionate cook and a zealous feeder. Having grown up between Europe and the Middle East, the horizons of my kitchen are broad, my palate trained by the rigorous French but my senses seduced by Eastern charms.

At the dawn of my thirties, having lost my father to cancer, I became convinced that food had the power to soothe and cure. My intention and research led me to the book “Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type®" by naturopath and genetics professor Dr. Peter D’Adamo. The diet turned my health around and is the backbone of how I eat today. On the blood type diet, you enter in the virtuous cycle of your own machinery, and this is how I acknowledged the power of food. Drawing on this, the nutritive and medicinal power of plants is gradually incorporated in the recipes to comfort and restore.

Hoping you find inspiration and insight on here, because you Chew, you Choose! xoxo 
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My food philosophy

Cure with nutrition
To live in tune with our saturated times also means to take the time to listen to your body. From a simple rash, unexpected acne to asthma or recurring migraines (or much much more), your body talks and you’d better listen. If your body becomes vulnerable, the problem must come from within, yet you’ll always blame it on without.

What am I going through that makes me feel a stranger in my own skin?
What happened to make me feel so uncomfortable that i have a hard time breathing? Who / what preoccupies me to give me such a headache? 

Listen carefully, and feed lovingly. 
One point we all have in common: we are emotional beings, and we all eat or not-eat emotionally. 
Living in tune with your time also means being in sync with your needs...Your daily lunchtime heartburn did not appear magically!

Nourish well, be well. 
Eating the right foods will help you balance your emotions, tame your energy levels, nurture your sleep quality, heal your digestive tract, assist your weight loss.
And most importantly, it will bring a sense of calm and happiness in your heart. 

Food is about enjoyment and indulgence.
Why compensate, why deprive? Provenance is important because quality impacts nutrition and taste impacts happiness. 

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Balance & Reconnect
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