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A delicious immune boost

As the winter draws in, this time of year is crucial to up your vitamin D and reinforce your immune system, to protect your body from colds and parasites. Here are some kitchen tips + recipes to keep your health in check this winter.

Speaking of an immune boost, well Tis’ the season to embrace bowlfuls of chicken soup, hurrah! Did you know that chicken soup was packed with a load of minerals, vitamins B, C & D, lysine (good to keep cold sores at bay), collagen (good for skin, hair, nails and joints), and of course flavor? 

Really, chicken soup is your ally this winter.
Last week I’ve made a Vietnamese style pulled chicken soup, and trialed a Kabocha squash, chicken and leek soup with rosemary that turned out to be delicious!
One Chewer on Instagram loved the inspo and had the genius idea to upcycle her jack-o-lantern into the soup! Well done!

But the key to a heart warming chicken soup, is an ace chicken broth that’s at the base of every stew, soup and braise that will come your way. I‘ve prepared a chicken stock recipe for you, that’s a little different than the classic as it’s infused with ginger, roasted onion, garlic and kelp!

*kelp has the highest concentration of calcium of any food and ads a nice depth + saltiness to the taste profile of your stock.

I won’t keep you long but what’s even better, is that you can make your chicken stock in batches, store in portioned airtight containers and freeze to use as you go!
Enjoy this recipe, and do share your culinary creations with me by email or via Instagram @chewchoose ! It would be a thrill to share your kitchen creations!

Chew, Choose, Cherish!
Xoxo Lea 

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