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Late hay fever is a thing of 2020

As you may know by now, I strongly believe in the healing powers of food to remedy our aches and pains. Our bodies are resilient machines that are more mighty than you'd think.
The first time I experienced hay fever symptoms was 3 years ago in London, and have found these foods (see below) incredibly helpful and fast acting to relieve my blocked nose and calm the serial sneezing - I swear by them, and every year since, early Spring, my close friends know that I am "madame Pineapple". THe list is below.

If you were lucky to be home during lock down, you were somehow shielded from acute exposure to pollens and the draining symptoms of hay fever.
Puffy + dry eyes, blocked sinuses, runny nose are the classic symptoms and are sure, anti social. Locked down or not, sun is out, and we all need a break.

Foods and drinks rich in quercetin and vitC, that are high in antihistamines can help you relieve your hay fever symptoms naturally: 
Peppers, broccoli, cantaloupe melon, cauliflower, citrus, apples, pineapple, ginger tea, nettle tea, green tea, red wine - amongst others.
Those that really work miracles for me are Green tea for the general itchy eyes, groggy state, apples for better breathing and energy and definitly pineapple to unclog nose FAST. Pineapple IS packed with a compound called Bromelain (in the core) that is very efficient, so eat it too as of now - Though you can also buy Bromelain supplements. 

Foods that will inflame your system during hayfever: Coffee, dairy, wheat, tomatoes, aubergines, beer and foods high in yeast amongst others.
If you suffer from food intolerances, it is likely that your body will be more sensitive to these foods during hay fever season too, so a good idea to avoid / reduce their consumption.



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