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A little kindess goes a long way!

In retrospect this year, from health related conversations, weight loss concerns, relationship anxieties, work improvement or lifestyle switches, I think that the one theme that kept on recurring was the realization that we lack empathy and kindness towards ourselves.

If you are yearning for a more balanced lifestyle, food alone will not cut it. If anything, how we feed often is a symptom of how we feel. Too much, too little...emotionally surely! This time of year is a good time to invite all of this years doings and energy to sit, and allow yourself to realize where you are. Acknowledging your emotions and your desires will allow you to grasp your life the way you want.

Simple eating tweaks for happiness!
Yes, you have a busy, busstling life. Yes, you realize you may not make enough room or have enough "control" on the way you eat. How about trying these simple things?

  • Before a meal, ask yourself if you're really hungry, and how hungry. Eat accordingly.
  • Before eating, take a minute to look at what your eating (your desk lunch or spread with friends), look, and be grateful for the food and the company.
  • Set your phone on silent and put it away. Cherish your meal, however long or whether alone or with a gathering.
  • Planning meals, rejoice of the seasons bounty, and go to the farmers market once a week. It's healthier and you can make lovely connections there!
  • Wholesome food doesn't take hours in the kitchen! If you need a break, 30 minutes in the kitchen is a nice way to center and cool down.
  • Even if you're having a sandwich for lunch, put it on a plate, and if thats not available to you, take 5 minutes to sit somewhere and enjoy it. Trust me, you'll swallow it down in 5 minutes, and these 5 minutes of quiet will make a difference to your break!
  • When you ar ealmost done eating, tune in and ask yourself if you'd rather stop now or if you're still hungry. Why eat on autopilot and feel heavy later?

If you want more from your healthy lifestyle, but do not know where to start, why not have a look at the Blood Type Diet®?
Based on a research by geneticist and naturopath Dr. D'Adamo, the food you eat has the power to heal, balance your emotions, tame your energy levels, nurture your sleep quality, heal your digestive tract and assist your weightloss. It has brought calm and happiness in my heart ever since I embarked on this lifestyle and I hope you'd feel the same way too :)

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As you may know by now, I strongly believe in the healing powers of food to remedy our aches and pains.

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