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Morning after turkey toast


If you find yourself dreading the leftovers during the holiday seasons, think again.

This morning after turkey toast will have you asking for more!
Simple ingredients seasoned well will restore all of your holiday spirit - fear not, making this during the year if also strongly advised!


Serves 1
So easy
Make in 10 minutes


  1. Toast your sourdough slice under your oven grill, one side only.
  2. In a bowl, mix together the ricotta cheese, basil, grapefruit zest and salt to taste.
  3. Heat your turkey gravy and meat.
  4. Place the toasted sourdough soft side up on a chopping board, spread the ricotta.
  5. Top the toast with the turkey meat, and generously drizzle the gravy on top.



  • 1 slice of spelt sourdough bread, preferrably toasted
  • 1-2 tbsp ricotta cheese, at room temperature
  • The zest of half a grapefruit
  • A small handful of fresh basil, torn of finely chopped
  • Leftover turkey
  • Leftover turkey gravy
  • Sea salt
recipe tip: 
Blood typed O should avoid ricotta but can use pulled buffalo mozzarella! 
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