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Tahini Ceasar dressing


If you'd know be by now, you'd know i'm not one for substitutions. But let's just say this "Tahini Ceasar" is more like the Cleopatra of Ceasars...yes?
It is a bit thick, and I'd suggest you spread a dollop at the base of your plate, top with salad, and drizzle a vinaigrette or citronnette on top. This way you have two types of dressing and textures, and realize that life is only good to you.

This dressing recipe yields about 300ml, at least 4 portions. Like my mimosa dressing, I make this with a boiled egg so you can keep it refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 5 days.

Serves 4+
Super simple
Make in 15 minutes

Pulse all of the ingredients in a food processor and enjoy. 

1 egg, hard boiled
3 tbsp tahini
The zest + juice of a lemon
1 tbsp mustard
3-4 tbsp Pecorino
1 garlic clove

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