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Apple (Rosaceae)

riginated from Eastern Europe and South East Asia, appleas are now grown in most temperate countries.
Apples are part of the Rose family and unfold into over 7000 varieties!
They come in different sizes and textures in three main colors from red and yellow to green.

IN SEASON Various apple varieties are harvested from early fall through winter and into spring.


ANTIOXIDANTS The antioxidants found in apples reduce free radicals and may reduce colon cancer risks.

BETTER JOINTS Apples help eliminate uric acid, and can relieve rheumatisms.

GROWTH Apples contribute to a healthy growth and high levels of potassium ensure regulated arterial pressure. Potassium also allows to keep sodium levels balanced.

HEARTBURN? Apples may taste acidic for some, but that acid (malic acid) transforms your gut into a super alkaline environment, and balances acidity levels.

HEART HEALTH Rich in soluble fiber, apples are good for heart health, reduce cholesterol from the digestive tract. Stressed?

IT’S IN THE SKIN Most nutrients found in apples are in the skin. Packed with vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B8, C), minerals (iron, phosphorus and calcium).  

SMILE! Apples contain oxalic acid, which naturally cleans and whitens teeth! YaY!


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